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Having our products certified to EU, UK, US standards by IFC Certification Ltd (IFCC) helps you to market and sell our products in an increasingly competitive marketplace. IFC Certification Ltd (IFCC) provides affordable, customer focused, independent third party certification of fire protection products. This type of approval is recognised as the highest level you can obtain for our products. IFC Certification Ltd’s quality mark is accredited by UKAS. It is designed to demonstrate the superiority of our products over those which are not subject to such stringent approval processes. Certification covers initial type testing and includes procedures to demonstrate that subsequent production will also have the same performance, delivering increased product confidence. IFCC product certification schemes complement the IFCC schemes for the certification of installers. Together they provide a system to give confidence to specifiers, contractors, enforcement authorities, regulators, end clients and building users that proven products, together with good installation, will achieve the required level of fire performance

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